Our Projects

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park

Among our distinguished projects, our involvement in the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park project in the UAE stands as a hallmark of our expertise in renewable energy and sustainable development. The Solar Park, one of the largest renewable energy projects worldwide, aims to significantly increase Dubai’s capacity for generating solar power, with a target of 5,000 megawatts by 2030. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of promoting sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon footprints across the globe.
Our client in this pioneering project was tasked with a critical aspect of the development: the implementation of the solar park’s phase involving photovoltaic (PV) technology to harness solar energy efficiently. Their responsibilities were extensive, encompassing the design, procurement, and installation of PV panels, as well as integrating these systems into the existing energy grid. Successful execution required a nuanced understanding of renewable energy technologies, large-scale project management, and the ability to navigate the regulatory and environmental considerations inherent in such a groundbreaking project.

Our Role

We provided comprehensive sustainability consulting to ensure the project’s environmental impact was minimized while maximizing its contribution to renewable energy goals. Our team advised on best practices for reducing the solar park’s water usage, a critical consideration in the UAE’s arid climate, and implementing habitat conservation measures during construction to protect local biodiversity.

Recognizing the importance of regulatory compliance and community support, Amrhassan Group facilitated engagement with local government bodies, energy regulators, and the broader community. We assisted in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring the project adhered to all local and international environmental standards. Additionally, our community outreach programs helped build public support for the project, emphasizing its environmental and local economic benefits.

Our role extended to providing project management services, applying our proprietary methodologies to streamline construction timelines, optimize supply chain logistics, and ensure the project’s phases were completed within the allocated budget and timeframes. Through our interventions, we enhanced operational efficiencies, enabling faster scalability of the solar park’s capacity while mitigating potential project risks.

The Harbourfront Transformation Initiative

The HarbourLoop Initiative in Hong Kong stands out as a beacon of our expertise in urban redevelopment and sustainability. This project, centered around the iconic Victoria Harbour, aimed to revitalize the waterfront to enhance its accessibility and sustainability while appealing to locals and tourists alike.
Our client, a key subcontractor in this initiative, was tasked with the ambitious goal of redesigning and constructing eco-friendly public spaces along the harbourfront. Their responsibilities encompassed landscape architecture, the integration of sustainable urban drainage systems, and the creation of interactive public art installations that reflect the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. This required a deep understanding of environmental design, civil engineering, and community engagement to ensure the project beautified the area and contributed to the city’s resilience against climate change.

Our Role

Drawing on our extensive experience in urban development projects, Amrhassan Group provided critical strategic planning support to our client. We facilitated workshops and design charrettes that brought together architects, city planners, and community stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensured that the green spaces were aesthetically pleasing and functional, promoting biodiversity and offering recreational opportunities for the community.

Our consultancy continues to play a vital role in integrating sustainable practices into the project’s design and execution. We advised on the selection of native plant species to enhance the area’s ecological value and on the incorporation of rainwater harvesting systems to irrigate these green spaces sustainably. Our input helped establish the project as a model for sustainable urban development in Asia.

Recognizing the importance of community buy-in for the project’s success, Amrhassan Group led the development and implementation of a comprehensive community engagement strategy. This involved organizing public consultations, interactive exhibitions, and digital platforms for feedback, ensuring the project reflected the needs and aspirations of Hong Kong residents. Our efforts in stakeholder management facilitated smoother project execution and enhanced public support.

We equipped our clients with project management support, optimizing operations to ensure the project was completed both on schedule and within the allocated budget. Our team introduced advanced project management tools and techniques, optimizing workflows and coordination among the various contractors involved. Our comprehensive support reduced delays and cost overruns, enhancing the project’s value to stakeholders and the local community